Getting Started

Select Voyager as the plugin. There are no Application Parameters for this plugin.

Voyager (browser-based Voyager IDE) will launch in a browser. Click the ‘Load’ button to get started.

Voyager Landing Page

For a quick example of a dataset provided, select the ‘Jobs’ dataset.

Voyager Select Jobs Dataset

Quick view of default graphs relative to the ‘Jobs’ dataset.

Voyager Jobs Dataset

Drop the job field to the x axis and the count field to the y axis. Voyager performs the appropriate manipulation and provides many graphs with the fields chosen. Upload a data science dataset and happy data mining.

Voyager Jobs Manipulate Dataset

Click on ‘Change’ to get back to default selection ‘Add Dataset’ options. The second option is to ‘Paste or Upload Data’ from a local source.

Voyager Upload Dataset

The last option is to add a dataset ‘From URL’.

Voyager Add URL Dataset

External References

For more information on how to use the Voyager IDE, please visit