Ubuntu Emulator

Getting Started

Select Ubuntu Emulator as the plugin then select an option for Mode and Replace Existing Image within the Application Parameters.


  • Persistent: Changes are saved. Can only have one persistent VM per system.
  • Transient: Changes are not saved. Can run multiple VMs simultaneously using image in ~/.vm/ or base Ubuntu image.

Replace Existing Image (Yes/No):

  • Restores image in ~/.vm to base Ubuntu image.

The Ubuntu Web Shell will launch in a browser. (username:ubuntu; password:ubuntu),

How to make a larger /tmp dir

In order to make a larger /tmp dir, run the following commands on the HPC. Note: replace 10 in the seek command with desired number of gigs.

  1. cd ~/.vm
  2. dd if=/dev/zero of=tmp.img count=1 bs=1 seek=$((10 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 - 1))
  3. mkfs.ext4 tmp.img

External References

For more information on how to use Ubuntu Emulator, please contact InfiniteTactics.