Getting Started

Select Neo4J as the plugin. There are no Application Parameters for this plugin. Neo4J (browser-based Neo4J IDE) will launch in a browser.

Neo4J Landing Page

A second browser tab will open with the Neo4J plugin. This browser page is used to display the random generated tunnel port in order to connect to the Neo4J database.

Neo4J Web Socket Port
  1. Copy the generated port above and replace the Connect URL of “neo4j://localhost:7687” with the randon generated port, “neo4j://localhost:13338”.


If you are connecting from an Analytics Gateway, you must add :443 to the end of the URL e.g.

  1. Leave Database empty for default connection.
  2. Keep Authentication type as “Username / Password”.
  3. Default “Username” is neo4j.
  4. Default “Password” is neo4j.

A third browser tab will open with the Neo4J plugin. This third tab is a method to allow support for python web services. As an added benefit, this allows for your user space directory tree to be manipulated within the browser. The primary reason for the web services is to allow the Neo4J database to query against a local file.

Neo4J Web Service Tree

A primary option to support the load of local ‘file:///’, we can use the following method after placing the CSV in the ‘HOME/neo4j-data/neo4j/import’.

return line;
Neo4J File Import

A secondary option to bypass the load of local ‘file:///’, we will use a URL address. The port we will use, 8888 is specified in the “C:\Users\Shane.iLauncher\plugins\neo4j.json” file. This option will result in a successful query return.

WITH line LIMIT 25
return line;
Neo4J Web Service URL

To add support for plugins, download the available ‘.jar’ file and place inside the ‘HOME/neo4j-data/neo4j/plugins’. After adding support for the Graph Data Science library, version 1.7.0, we can use the following to verify successful import return.

RETURN gds.version() or CALL gds.list()

Neo4J Web Service URL

To support further plugins, additional file extension adjustments should be placed in the ‘HOME/neo4j-data/neo4j/conf/neo4j.conf’ appropriate configuration lines.

Neo4J Plugins Support

External References

For more information on how to use the Neo4J IDE, please visit