Getting Started

Select MediaWiki as the plugin. There are no Application Parameters for this plugin.

MediaWiki (browser-based MediaWiki IDE) will launch in a browser. Click the ‘Set up the wiki first’ to get started.

MediaWiki Landing Page

Select language version and click ‘continue’.

MediaWiki Language Selection

Verify Environmental checks have passed. Click ‘continue’. If failure notices, please contact InfiniteTactics support (

MediaWiki Environment Verification Check
1. Initial development supports SQLite ONLY.
2. Enter the database location, (/var/www/mediawiki/data)
3. Enter a database name
MediaWiki DB Settings
1. Enter name of wiki
2. Enter project namespace
3. Create a management administrator account and associate a password (strength longer than 10 characters)
4. Email address is not mandatory
5. Verify uncheck on ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Share data’
6. Select ‘I’m bored already, just install the wiki’. Click continue.
Generate Wiki - Namespace and Admin Account Info

Continue to install MediaWiki. Click continue.

Continue Installation or Back Installation

Verify installation was successful. Click continue.

Verify Successful Installation of Packages
To finish installation, a LocalSettings.php ‘file save’ should open.
If not click on the ‘Download LocalSettings.php’. The file will be saved locally.
LocalSettings.php Configuration File

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not edit the ‘LocalSettings.php’ file with document editors like Notepad, TextEdit, or other text editors that add byte order marks to files. These break the PHP runtime of your wiki. Instead, use a code editor, Vim, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Sublime, or Atom. These handle file encoding properly.

Before transfering the ‘LocalSettings.php’ configuration file, we will need to make a slight modification to the ‘wgServer’ variable. The wizard populates this variable with the current tunnel and port iLauncher assigns to the plugin during launch. The intial launch will work in this instance but subsequent launches have a high likelihood of failing because the tunnel changes ports as necessary.

Incorrect settings assigned during wizard.

WGServer Configuration Before Change

Correct settings assigned after manual modification.

WGServer Configuration After Change

Further settings can be modified directly inside the ‘LocalSettings.php’ such as ‘wgSitename’ and ‘wgMetaNamespace’.

Possible Configuration Changes

The configuration file will have to be copied to your personal home users space on the requested compute destination at the container path mount of mediawiki-data/var_www_mediawiki. The transfer process can be completed by using the ‘File Manager’ within iLauncher under ‘Services’.

File Manager Transfer

‘File Manager’ transfer destination example.

File Manager Transfer Destination

External References

For more information on how to use the MediaWiki IDE, please visit